Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Untrieds-Day 1

Starting today,and throughout the month of November,  I will be joining Nailed to the T and several other bloggers in a 30 day challenge of going through our untried polishes. 

So to begin my 30 days of untried polishes,I have picked OPI's You Don't Know Jacques Suede! 

it's not that long ago they came out,however,this one and the other one I have OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede have been in my untrieds since I bought them a couple of years ago. 
I took this photo outdoors in the shade.I used three coats for opacity. I never did like the original You Don't Know Jacques,and I don't really like those types of colors at all,however, there is something about the Suede polishes that makes them extra pretty. I thought it would look even prettier with top coat,but as it turns out,I did apply top coat,and found it didn't really do a whole lot for the look.Then I realized the directions on the little label,says "do not apply top coat". It also says top coat would look good on tips only. Well,if my nails were longer,I might have done that,but I like it just the way it looks in this photo. 

What do you think? Do you like Suede/Matte polish? Which brands/colors do you like/dislike? 

Will you be participating in the challenge? 

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Edited: To include links.