Friday, October 28, 2011

Soulstice Spa Fall Nail Colour swatches and review

Hello dear readers, today I will be doing a review of these two polishes that were so kindly sent to me for review from the lovely people at Soulstice Spa.

The two colors I received are Ibiza, and LA.

First up is Ibiza
 Ibiza is described as a hot pink shine,to me it is more a creme,that dries to satin matte finish. I don't normally use topcoat,because I like to use drying drops instead,but with this one you might want to add a top coat for more shine.Ibiza is very well pigmented,and the formula was very nice.

 I wore this colour for several days.I cannot say that I don't love the colour.It's a very pretty hot pink. It covered in two coats,but after 3 days of wear,I applied a third coat for this review,as there was a little tip wear.
                                                Next up is LA-Stars and sparkle;glitter dust.
For purposes of this review,I used three coats.LA has lots of silver,blue,hot pink,and red glitter suspended in a clear base.The glitter pieces are small,and do not lend to any sort of opacity.I think it makes a good layering polish.I cannot really compare it to any other glitter I have on hand.The glitter pieces are all uniform in size.

In conclusion,I liked Ibiza.The colour is very pretty,the formula is nice,and since I wore it for three days,I would have to say that it is a win,in my book!

LA was a bit of a disappointment.Yes,there is a lot of glitter packed inside the bottle,but it just doesn't translate well to the nail. I do still think it makes a good layering polish.

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Polishes in this post were kindly provided by Soulstice Spa for review.
Updated post: photos were missing.