Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another OPI Go Goth

Hello ladies,(and gents)!

Today I would like to show you another of the polishes from the OPI mini Go Goth set. This one is called Sanguine.I have to tell you I am truly stumped by the names of some of these polishes.For instance,the one called Unripened pictured here What exactly is "unripened"? I can understand something like fruit being "not ripe" being "ripe" or even, too "ripe". But "unripened"? Must be a halloweeny thing. I don't have a clue.If you know,please say something in the comment section. :-D

Two coats.Sunlight. 

So for today,it's called Sanguine.I googled it. Sanguine is defined as "bloody" ,"consisting of or relating to blood" and "bloodthirsty." So yes,I would say this is definitely a Halloween name. Please ignore the dent on the edge of my middle finger.I took great care in applying this polish,while I was at my workstation,however,at some point during the day,I tapped my hand on the desk,and woila,the nail has a chip/dent whatever.

I would definitely say this is a blood red polish,although I don't find it repulsive in any sort of way.It's rather pretty,and I love the way it shimmers indoors.It almost takes on a brown cast indoors,but I didn't feel indoor lighting did it much justice.

That's my nails for today,stay tuned for the next installment of Go Goth.(I have two more of them to cover with you.)