Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update: Kiss All or One Artificial Nail Remover

Since I last wrote this post regarding Kiss All or One Artificial Nail Remover, I wanted to do an update post,with regards to how I think this product is faring for me personally.

 I have been wearing drugstore brand artificial nails,like Nailene and Kiss since November,2010. I remember starting to wear them then,because I wanted a nicely manicured look for holiday occasions with family and such.
 My own nails are very hard to keep up. I have had peeling issues since I was old enough to wear nail polish,and later I used salon acrylics,which just did an immense amount of damage to my nails.

 I am not bashing acrylic nails, per se. I feel it has alot to do with the particular nail technician you go to. I had one I went to for a lengthy period of time, and not really knowing what sorts of things were wrong or right, I just continued to put up with the "abuse". For instance, the tools that are used, for filing,they are almost like drills. I got to where my nail bed was so incredibly sensitive that I actually felt pain when these nail salon tools were used during acrylic application. 

So, I quit the acrylics,and soon afterwards started wearing the drugstore nails,which I have been very pleased with,I might add. They are easy to apply. I have tried some which are for 24 hour wear,and some which are to be worn only for 7 days at a time. I like being able to wear them for at least 7 days. The 24 hour nails, not so much,however, I think they are probably appealing to many women. 

Getting back to the subject at hand, since November, I have probably gone through maybe 7 sets of nails. Hard to believe,but again, I don't wear them continuously,in other words, I don't remove one set,and reapply a new set immediately. I will sometimes go a few days even a week or two before applying another set. Sometimes I am content with my nubbins,sometimes not. I think the reason I love artificial nails so much is that they do give me the option to have longer nails. 

And I still haven't gotten to the actual subject of this post,LOL! So I really love the All or One by Kiss,pictured above! I love it because you soak your nails for 2 minutes,then brush them up against the bristles inside the container, and voila, a few minutes later, you are sans artificials,and back to nubbins! 
I also love the All or One because it moisturizes my nails as it removes the artificials, not like plain acetone,which I had used before, dried my nails and skin out incredibly. 

I am on my second container,yes, after a 9 month period,I had to replace the All or One. You see,what happens,after you've used the remover for a certain amount of manicures, the liquid inside starts to turn a murky white,and you can see little flecks of white that are obviously residual particles of the actual nails. But, even when I noticed the murkiness, I kept using the All or One. The thing that clued me in,was today when I was removing the last set I used, the remover was not seeming to do as efficiently as it used to,so I pulled out my new container,which I had already bought in advance, and when I stuck my fingers in it, I realized the difference in what you should be feeling while the liquid inside is doing it's job. I felt a slight tingly sensation,almost a burn,but not a bad kind of burning, and that is how I knew it was time to get rid of the old container. 

Well, you learn something new every day,just from experience and from trying products yourself, and I would also like to add this is my own personal experience,and do not recommend you use the product for 9 months at a time, especially if you are using the artificials very frequently. Like I said before, I take breaks 
between sets,and that is why it lasted me so long. 

I hope this has been an informative post for you, also, I want to thank you for reading it,I know it was a bit long-winded and apparently I had alot I wanted to say today. :-)

Thank you also to all of the new people who have started to follow, and thank you all so much for commenting!