Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kiss Long Curve Overlap Nails

hi everyone! Today I decided to break out my package of Kiss Long Curve Overlap Nails to play with them! This is certainly something I never thought I would try, however, I did purchase them awhile back,somehow knowing I would want to play with them later.

This is what you think of when you think of "talons", right?

These were actually alot easier to apply than the other two types of nails,the Active Square and the Active Oval,all 100 count,by Kiss. They come with the same type of glue and are all sectioned off in little compartments.

Now, I have always wanted to have really long nails! Maybe not this long,but I will be cutting them back to a length I feel comfortable with,which is what I really love about these is that you can cut them or file them,to whatever length you like.

Now,off to polish them! Take care ladies and gents!