Monday, July 11, 2011


I could not  get a good mani post for today. The sun has been very unkind,slipping in and out of the clouds. It's been hazy most of the day,and while going through my stash,entering all my polishes on my spreadsheet, I encountered my beloved NfuOh's!!!
I couldn't wait to show them to you,and since they had already been swatched on a nail wheel I decided to brave the indecisive sun and see if I could get a semi-good shot of these.

#1) NFU 49
#2) NFU 44
#3) NFU 45
#4) NFU 57
#5) NFU 56 

#6) NFU 55
#7) NFU 52
#8) NFU 51
#9) NFU 60

 (Below is a better shot of 60,on the far right, you can see the orange flakies in the brown jelly base.)

The only one not swatched and pictured is NFU 51,which is a very good dupe of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

Well, I am almost through organizing,but still don't have a full head count on "every" one who is in attendance, at my polish party. When I get a full count of every one of them, I will let you all know.

Also, I haven't been able to see my follower list, and I wanted to thank everyone who has been following. I believe I may be near the 70 mark. Thank you ALL for being so supportive!