Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stash Pics and Nail Art Wheels

I have a booboo on one of my nails. I cut  myself while chopping veggies,and therefore my nail(s) are a bit unsightly,so instead of doing a nail post, I am going to show you photos of my stash,and some nail art wheels I got at my local nail supply store.On top of that I had the worst time with my Nikon transfer software today. Something wasn't working right,and I had the toughest time getting it back to running so I could upload pics.I don't know what I would do if I couldn't upload pics. I was practically in panic mode,trying to fix it. Well all is well now,so please enjoy the photos and thank you to all of the new followers who have joined recently.  :-)
                                              Hoard part 1
                                                Hoard part 2

I was at Ulta the other day, and I returned five polishes,and when the store associate asked me what the reason was for the return, I said that I am a polish hoarder. Then she said,"Well,you can't really be a hoarder,because hoarders don't return things!" LOL! Then she mentioned a show on cable about hoarders,and how they can't get rid of their stuff or won't. Apparently that's not me. Thank God!

                          Fimo slices of flowers,butterflys,fruit and candy

                                            Pearls and Hearts

So how is your week so far? Are you ready for fall to be here? I kind of wish it was fall already and that we could just fast-forward thru this dag-blasted heat! ;-D

Thanks for reading,and stopping by,and commenting,and following! :-D