Thursday, July 7, 2011

In memory of...

My twitter and facebook friend Kari of  Got Polish?  tweeted on Tuesday,
"In memory of Caylee Anthony, some polish friends and I will be polishing our nails lavender Caylee's favorite color, on Thurs. R.I.P. angel." 

So here is my tribute to Caylee, a sweet young innocent,cut down after such a short time here on earth, I can only say that God always takes the good ones first. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this post,and words escape me really,it is just so sad.

Rest in peace,Caylee.

  Pixel Polish $1.99 at Ulta, the name is Virtual Violet. It looks like a creme in the bottle, and is very,very sheer.After applying four coats, I decided it must be a jelly, since it is obvious you can see some VNL.I love jelly polishes,especially just straight jellies like this one. So I will definitely be keeping this one. Pixel seems to be a fairly new brand of mini-polishes,and so far the only place I know they're sold is at Ulta. There is an incredibly wide range of colors and formulas,I think for $1.99 you can't really go wrong with these.