Monday, July 11, 2011


This is the mani I wore today. I did my nails last night,and was sure it was all dry,after foooouuuuurrrr hours!!!! When I woke up this morning there was a dent on my middle nail! What the.... So I just took photos of it,because it seems the sun decided to stay for a bit,and even though it's later in the day, I think the sunlight photo turned out well.

This is ColorClub Fashion Addict! I have alot of untrieds and this is one of them. I have heard this one referred to as purple. I would not describe this as purple,so much as a light lavender with alot of pink and silver running through it. Still I think it's a very pretty color,and has a very strong holographic effect,even though the dying light doesn't capture it so well. I am wearing two coats. I could have done with one,but when I applied it last night, I decided to go with two, because I was afraid when the sun got a hold of it, you would be able to see right through the polish. So two coats to be safe.

Here is what it looks like indoors. Kind of washed out.

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Good Evening, my fellow laquer addicts! :-D