Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zoya Buffy and Konad plate M71

Hello dear readers and followers!

Today I have another beauty called Zoya Buffy. By now you can tell I love nude polishes! This one can best be described as a pearly warm champagne blonde with subtle pink duochrome and frosty silver shimmer,(description from the Zoya website.) I totally get the blonde reference,since "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was one of my favorite shows while it was running.I will also shamelessly admit,that I did buy this polish for it's name. LOL! Don't you just love Zoya's polishes? I only own a few,but the names are very fitting,and I do also love the formula of their polishes. They go on like a dream! (Please excuse my going off on slight tangent there :D

 I don't see a pink duochrome in this pic,however, I did have a pic that showed some greyness (maybe the silver shimmer) in the bottle. I trashed that photo,because it didn't seem right to me. It doesn't even really show up on the nail.To tell you the truth, it shows up more gold on me.  I used three coats for opacity, however, this is also one of those great nudes where you could get away with using one coat for a nice sheer french manicure.

I konaded it with plate M71 and Dark Orange Special Polish,the random pearl is the only one,because my rhinestone glue either dried up or got clogged. I haven't used it in over a year,so that may be why.
Lightbox with flash
The silver shimmer is definitely a little sneaky. I didn't think it was going to show up,but after careful analysis, I finally see it.

thank you for reading.

Embarrassing sidenote: I just realized that my pics are clickable to be larger. I never knew how to do this,and don't know how,however,that is what it is. I also noticed the Konad pic has cotton strands and a smear on one of my fingers. Ick! I will have to be more careful now. I had no idea!