Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sinful Let's Talk

Hello dear ladies! Today's nail is called Sinful Let's Talk. I sometimes wonder how the polish companies come up with some of these names.

I have had this in my stash for over a year,and not worn it. Then the other day,when I was feeling slightly down, I said to myself,"It's time to break out a purple!" Purple always seems to lift my spirits and make me feel cheerful once more.It has been my favorite color since I was in college. My brother gave me one of those preppy pin-striped button down shirts,with a matching purple sweater,and I was hooked on purple ever since. This was at the height of Prince's fame. And by now, you can somewhat guess my age. #Iwentthere and I won't go there again,lol!

Moving on to the polish. Let's Talk is so incredibly richly purple indoors. Even in the bottle it is intensely purple,however, my camera did not capture half of it's glory. I took photos in every nook and cranny of my house,I used the lightbox,to no avail. The sunlight photos are the best I could do,and they still don't capture the color at it's truest. It seems to lean towards blue to me,and so we will just have to content ourselves with this for today.

 I started out with three coats for opacity,but then in a dumb attempt to KONAD, I made a mess with one of the full images from the new Bundle Monster plates. I am kind of shocked that the full image would not cover my nails. I started with my thumb,then did the middle and ring,but they were all fails, so I used two more coats of Sinful to cover up the mess.

Sunlight: in this one there is more blue showing.

I was once told that color is subjective.Everyone perceives color differently due to the rods and cones inside the eye. So I will ask you,
do these two photos look about the same to you?