Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pink Many Wednesday

Hi,gals! This is a mani I did about a  year ago. It's a SpaRitual polish from the Believe Spring collection. This particular polish is called Hope Springs Eternal,which is kind of apropos for the way I have been feeling this week.

This was a very pretty polish when I got it. The photo makes it look a bit frosty,but it's not. It's more of a coral pink shimmer polish. I like it,but not enough to re-apply it for today.

I've been feeling under the weather. I haven't felt like doing my nails,ever since I removed Zoya Tanzy on Monday night. I have to say that the removal of that polish was so easy,for a polish with glitter in it. Amazingly easy,with the stuff I use from Onyx,a lavender scented polish remover that is very gentle and won't dissolve my artificial nails,teehee. * Note to self: Buy more Zoya glitters next time there is a promo running.

So yes, I will be back to polishing my nails once I feel a bit calmer,and a bit more inspired.

There has been some stuff at work that has been somewhat upsetting me. I have been doing some crochet work in the meantime,and trying not to stress about what to wear on my nails.

Thank you for reading today and may hope spring eternal for you as well. :-)