Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Mani Wednesday

Well,hello there beauties! Today's post is going to be my first official pink Wednesday mani.

 Revlon's Just Tinted in Victorian. I apologize for the messy mani,I was in a rush to get this done before the sunlight went away.

Revlon's Just Tinted polishes are not so bad. I was dismayed at how sheer each coat was though. It took me three coats to get to the coverage you see in this photo. There were a couple of bald spots on my right hand,so I photographed my left hand instead. I am not sure if the bald spots are due to my rush to get the mani done,due to cuticle drag,or just because of the formulation of the polish. I do like the color. I also like how pretty it turned out after three coats. I don't think you can make these opaque no matter how many coats you apply,because I believe it is meant to look sheer "just tinted" as it is called. The sheerness reminds me of something interesting I saw a few weeks ago while googling about the history of nail polish. Before nail polish even existed,Chinese women used to tint their nails,using a mixture of egg whites,gum arabic(made from tree sap), gelatin, and beeswax.They also added mashed flowers,like impatiens,roses,and orchids,which after a few hours,left their nails hued anywhere from pink to red. What's also interesting about the tinting of their nails,is that they never allowed the moons of their nails to be colored. Those were left au naturale.

The Revlon Just Tinted nail polishes dry to an almost matte finish,I've heard it referred to as satin.Either way,it did need topcoat to make it shiny. This is one of those polishes that would be fun to make a "glitter sandwich" with.

I have a couple of the other Just Tinted polishes to post.

I hope you enjoyed my historic meander into the origins of nail polish.