Friday, June 24, 2011

No Sunshine today,but I am wearing Sunshine on my nails!

Good afternoon everyone! I have just been relaxing today with the hubby. We are on our day off together from work,and I decided on a spur of the moment that I want to try out Zoya Tanzy from the Sunshine collection. I received Zoya Tanzy as a gift from a very dear friend.

I first swatched Tanzy in the bedroom on my thumb only,and since the lighting wasn't that great, I was going," hmmm,ain't nuttin' special about this." I was sooo wrong! I came out to the living area,where my hubby was seated on the couch watching a movie,and when I looked up at my manicure,which I had finished by then, I couldn't stop staring. My nails were competing with Kevin Sorbo in "Kull the Conqueror", so I was having alot of trouble deciding which to focus on.

My impression of this polish is outstanding. I had seen swatches of it and the other colors in the Sunshine collection over on Scrangie's blog,and well,her photos are always so gorgeous anyway, but wow! I really like this polish on me!

Tanzy has sunshine written all over it,with a tangerine hue and gold metal sparkle,it's like wearing 14 karat gold on my nails. I did notice that the application was sheer for each coat. I used three coats. I just love the formula of the Zoya polishes. The glitter is not gritty or goopy. It just glides over the nail like all of Zoya's polishes.

I can't say anything about removal yet. This is my first glittery polish from Zoya. I am hoping it will be just as easy to remove,as it was to apply.

I couldn't believe that we didn't have much sunshine today,hence the title of my post. Both of these photos were taken indoors with my lightbox.

Thank you for reading my polish ramble for today.

Happy Friday!