Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Naked Ambition

Gosh,who knew naked could be so much fun! Here is another nude polish I picked up at least six months ago. It's called Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Naked Ambition. This shade,to me is a bit hard to describe. I would say it appears to have a hint of peach from the look in the bottle,but it goes on very,very sheer,and also has a hint of microglitter that startled me just a bit. I wasn't expecting to see microglitter in a nude polish. It appeared to be red microglitter,and now that I've taken photos of it in the sunlight it does seem to have a flash of red outdoors. So I guess I wasn't imagining the red microglitter after all.  I used four coats,but could have stopped at three. And here is a macro shot of the very sparse glitter found in this polish. It really does not translate well to the nail.
                                                 Lightbox w flash

See tht little piece of glitter there?

Sunlight close up


                                    How do you like this nude compared to Color Club Incognito,from the previous post?

thanks so much for looking!