Monday, June 13, 2011

KISS All or One Artificial Nail Remover

Hello,ladies! Today I am super-excited to tell you about a product I just recently found out about.It's not new,but it IS new to me.

Last night,while removing my artificial nails, I realized something about this product that is truly different from pure acetone. Up until recently,I had just been soaking little round cotton pads in pure acetone,wrapping my nail with them,and then little squares of foil around the cotton (usually referred to as the "tin foil method" of removal). That method worked fine,except for two things. One,the tin foil method takes 30 minutes to soak off artificial nails,and two, the pure acetone used with this method, leaves your fingers feeling incredibly dried out.

In comparison, KISS Artificial Nail Remover, will remove these babies in 20 minutes or less,and for me it was more like 10 minutes tops. All you do is cut off the majority of the length of your artificial nail, throw that away,and then soak what's left on your nail. First you dip your nail(s) into the well,soak for 2 minutes,and then dip and twist  your nails accross the soft pink bristles inside the well for up to 20 minutes. I have to add that the thing I love most about this product is that it contains emollients, like fruit extract,and orange oil,besides the acetone. So it left my nails and fingers feeling very soft and cared for,as opposed the pure acetone method I was using before. I also love the way it smells. The scent is very light,and faintly fruity.

I also want to add that I first saw this product, while watching a YouTube video done by Dollface22772 So if you would like to see her review of this product, you can check it out. Dolly also does alot of great nail art tutorials that are always entertaining!
KISS All or One Artificial Nail Remover can be found at most major drug chains,and at WalMart. I bought mine at Walgreens,for $6.99.

I am not affiliated with this company,nor am I being compensated for reviewing their products. These products were purchased by me,for my personal use,unless otherwise noted.