Monday, June 6, 2011

KISS Active Square artificial nails

Well! I finally am getting around to posting about  actually something besides contests! I have been a stubborn little burro lately. I was indecisive at first and then while perusing the blogosphere this afternoon,after work, I craved polish on my nails. Who knew? I went over a week with naked nails. No Dermalect, no nothing.

So tonight I have just a quick post about the KISS Active Square nails I am sporting in this photo. I just applied them. I had actually sized them on my nails last week,and when I went to apply the ones that were supposed to fit me, lo and behold,they were too small. So strange. I had to go back to the little plastic box these come in,which by the way is very handy for storing these babies. I had to go back and pick out different sizes for most of my nails. I cannot explain why this happened. Anyway, even if these don't fit you perfectly you can always file them down, to fit you.

Another interesting thing about these, the first time I bought them, I opened them up, grabbed a few and did not realize I was trying to apply them upside down. Incidentally, I later realized that they have a notch on the end.The notch is there so you know which end is up,so to speak. After they're applied you can file this notch down so that your nails look even.

This is the little plastic box, the nails come in,and the box is also great for storing. These nails are the Active Square,and there are 100 of them in the box. These also come in Active Oval,and Long Curve Overlap sizes. I happened to get a great deal a couple weeks ago on KISS nails when Walgreens had a B1G1 half off sale,and I also had coupons from KISS nails. So,not only are they a great bargain, but they also are plenty of nails to last for awhile.
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