Wednesday, June 15, 2011

China Glaze Laser Lime

Good evening,ladies!

This one of the polishes I purchased from the China Glaze Tronica collection. It's called Laser Lime. I had every other color of holographic polish except green until this one came along. I also picked up Techno Teal and another one,the name escapes me right now.

Aside from nudes and purples being my favorites, green is my next favorite color of nail polish. I would say it has surpassed my love of purples,and I am currently attempting to shore up a reserve of green nail polish,as it is my newfound love,and I don't own a whole lot of greens.

Laser Lime dried very fast! I applied three coats,and inm OutTheDoor topcoat. I was really surprised at how fast the drying time was.

                                     Here is a photo of it in direct sun
Just one photo in direct sunlight. I think it's sufficient to say that this a definite keeper. I wouldn't even attempt to adorn with konad or anything else. It would be foolish,as the holographic effect stands very well on it's own. IMHO.

I hope you enjoyed my trip into "holo" land.

Thanks for looking.