Monday, May 2, 2011

Unknown OPI

Good evening! I'm a little late posting today. I can't believe it's already after 7 pm,where I live.

I am a bit of a dawdler. Dawdling over which polish to wear,first I thought OPI Bogota Blackberry,then China Glaze Tronica, then I decided on this one. It is one of those mini polishes from the OPI Señoritas collection,only I threw away the box,and the bottles don't have names on them.

So this one is a nice bright pink creme. I did one coat. Probably because that is all my little nails needed. LOL! I am so close to breaking out the fakies,it's not funny. I do not like having short nails. However the mini polishes are alot easier to work with on small nails,and there was very little cleanup necessary.

Here are a couple of pics...if you click on this first pic, you can see the crafty afghan I've been working on forever. I don't know when I will finish it. I thought it would make a good background for the mani.

I like it.It's one those pinks that is really cheery looking. It brightens up my whole day. Too bad it will be coming off very soon, in order to make room for tomorrow's mani.

Thanks for looking and thanks again to my new followers. I know that may seem repetitive since I mentioned followers in my last post, however, I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to know to that you are reading my blog. (Was that too sappy? jk) Teehee!