Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dermelect Launchpad Day 8

Here are photos of my nails after 8 days, of using the Dermelect Nail Recovery program.What I love about the Dermelect Nail Recovery system,is that I can use the treatment products and still wear nail polish with them. You first apply  the Launchpad Peptide-infused Base Coat,then the Makover Ridge Filler,then your polish,then the Peptide-infused instant Nail Thickener as your top coat.

 I am really pleased with the outcome so far. The moon on my left thumb seems more white than it used to. I couldn't photograph it well though. I did take photos of both my left and right hands,showing what I think is a significant improvement in the overall health of my nails.

I'm not really impressed with the length of my nails. I realized they take time to grow,however, I still have the urge to break out some false nails,so I can do some nifty nail art. Short nails just don't leave much room for that.I do have some of the Kiss Stick On One Day Wear nails. I could use those. They're easy to remove in warm water,but I would only be able to wear them once.

Oh, I wanted to mention also, that the cuticle moisturizing cream that came with the kit, is out of this world. So creamy and rich. I've used it twice , and it's a wonder I don't use it every day.